Call Tree Services proudly serves the Richmond area, providing high-quality, prompt, and courteous tree maintenance services. We offer tree removal, trimming, and pruning. We will remove all the damaged, diseased, or dead limbs or whole trees.

Tree Removal

  • If a tree never came back to life after last winter and you’ve left it standing, now is the time to remove it.
  • We can take down the tree and remove it completely.
  • We also do stump grinding to leave you with smooth ground.

Tree Trimming

  • Now that fall weather is sneaking in, and it’s time to think about what tree and shrub maintenance needs to be done.
  • They need to be prepared for the winter. In a snow or ice storm hits a weak branch, the chances of it coming down are great.
  • It’s better to do the maintenance than to deal with damage from a falling branch.
  • This can best be done after the leaves have fallen, but you can make your appointment now.

Tree-Related Chores

  • Remove saplings. Unless you live where saplings can be left to feed deer over the winter, you’ll want to pull them up now, before they get any bigger.
  • Feed your trees. Fall is a great time to fertilize your trees. Tree food stakes are a great way to feed trees. Place the stakes in the ground under the perimeter of the canopy of the tree.
  • Give them a good, long drink. Give them enough water for it to reach the deep roots. This is especially true of evergreen trees.
  • Call 804.505.2562 today and make an appointment to have your trees trimmed or removed.