1. Planting Trees for Climate Change

    Whatever your thoughts on the mechanism behind global climate change, it’s pretty obvious that our planet is experiencing a profound change. As your Richmond tree service, we are out in nature nearly every day, and our thoughts turn to trees and the effect that this change will bring to the landscape of trees. None of us know if our specific location will end up dryer or wetter. If you are in a …Read More

  2. Tell-tale Signs Your Tree Needs to Be Removed

    When you suspect that your tree is sick and needs to be removed, call your reliable Richmond tree service,  CallTree Services. If it is decided that it has to come down, we’ll get the job done, quickly and safely. But how do you know when to call? How do you know when a tree is really so sick it has to come down? We tend to want to put off cutting down a tree as long as possible since trees add…Read More