1. Trees and Dormancy Basics

    We are CallTree Services, Richmond and the surrounding areas’ tree service. We prune, fell and remove trees and stumps. As we are enjoying another gorgeous fall in Richmond, many of us will undoubtedly make a trip up into the Shenandoah to enjoy Mother Nature’s display of autumn foliage. This made us think about trees (okay, we admit it, we always think about trees), but since we often get ask…Read More

  2. Felling a Tree is Dangerous Business

    Most of us hate the idea of having to cut down a tree. We know that the tree has taken years, or decades to reach its current height, and gives so many benefits to the surrounding area, the animals, houses and the inhabitants that are shaded by its outreaching branches. Trees play a large part in our memories; we remember climbing trees as children, under which we had our first kiss, or played wit…Read More

  3. Picking a Replacement Tree After Tree Removal

    You’ve faced the bad news that one of your beloved shade trees is dead and now poses a danger; you know it has to be felled and removed. As your Richmond tree service, we know you may want to replace it so that you’ll have another shade tree to keep your AC bills down and provide you with perfect summer evenings in your gorgeous home. We’ve come up with some suggestions for replacing it so y…Read More

  4. Should It Stay or Should It Go?

    No one wants to declare a tree dead or too sick to save. We all recognize the value trees give to us, from shade and a habitat for birds and critters, to erosion control and a wind break. Still, sometimes we need to recognize that a tree has lived its last day. But how do you know? How do you know that it’s not ok to just leave it standing for a few years? We are Call Tree Services and can help …Read More

  5. Tree Removal Services and More!

    There is very little surpasses the splendor of summertime in Virginia. The lush greenery and the heat and the humidity make our home as near a paradise as can be imagined. One only has to drive up west on 64 to the Shenandoah Park to be reminded of the natural glory that is Virginia. Trees bring that beauty into our city and Call Tree Service can help you keep  that beauty in your yard.  Dead or…Read More

  6. Spring Cleanup Chores

    Finally, it seemed like it would never arrive but, dare we say it? Spring has finally arrived. Well, looking at this week’s weather forecast, maybe Mother Nature has decided to skip Spring this year and jump right to summer. If only that would mean that we didn’t all have to do spring clean up chores in the yard! This year, it has meant more clean up than usual.  Extra snowfall followed by vi…Read More

  7. Spring Yard Work Tips

    Call Tree Services removes disease or weather damaged trees, prunes trees for the health of the tree and removes stumps. We know it’s been a heck of a winter and spring here in the Richmond area, and we’ve been kept clearing trees brought down by the extreme weather. When we have cleared the last downed tree, there will still be more to do! We know that trimming trees is a spring chore that ne…Read More