When it comes to removing a tree stump from your yard, you have a variety of different method options. Stump grinding, however, is the preferred method in this industry as it disrupts the ground much less than any other method of removal. Stump removal via land hoes and other tools alike, cause the land to be internally disrupted. Which for landscapers and homeowners, means that grass and plants cannot easily be sustained in that area.

When you hire a professional tree surgeon like the ones at Call Tree Services, your tree stump is removed using a specialized piece of equipment called a stump cutter. This large, precision piece of equipment grinds down the tree stump into what we label stump mulch. The stump mulch is then removed from the area and you are left with an unharmed patch of land that will easily and successfully sustain plant and grass life.

It is important to note, that the stump mulch that is created during this process is not good for mulching near your home as it is not treated against termites. We leave the stump untreated prior to the grinding process in order to help the ground below it sustain growth after removal, therefore the mulch produced in this process is labeled “Dirty Mulch.” Not to worry though, the Call Tree Services professionals will remove the stump mulch for you in conjunction with the stump grinding service we provide. And to top your removal service off, we will fill the remaining hole from our removal service with top soil!