Deadwood can be and often is, the most hazardous element to having trees on your property.

Even with proper tree care, trees often develop deadwood, which is just a term that accounts for dead or dying limbs that are larger than 3 inches in diameter. Now, there are two reasons that deadwood can be dangerous, and both are incredibly important for the livelihood of your home/ business and yard.

The first reason is that when deadwood is not removed from a tree, by a company like Call Tree Services, it tends to remove itself. Meaning that at any given moment, that 3+ inches in diameter branch could fall into your yard. Potentially harming children, visitors, pets or even yourself. However, with the right tools and experience, like what Call Tree Service brings to the table, those deadwood branches can quickly be removed, and the safety of your home/business and yard can be restored.

The second reason is that lasting deadwood on a tree can be detrimental to the trees health as a whole. When tree limbs die, infestations and infection thrive in the decaying wood. When this decay is not cut off of the tree and the infections begin to spread to other limbs and areas of the tree, the tree itself begins to become structurally unsound. Which can pose a serious threat to not only people and animals that pass underneath the tree, but also neighboring properties and structures that could be damaged if the tree was to fall.

Knowing these dangers, it’s easy to see why having Call Tree Service perform a Deadwood Removal can be the difference between having and not having a safe property.