1. When To Prune Your Trees In Richmond

    Here at Call Tree Service in Richmond, we get a lot of questions from our customers about when they should prune their trees. When we get this question, we ask, "Why are you pruning?" While light pruning and dead wood removal can really be done at any time, if you're pruning for any other reason, there are specific guidelines you should follow depending on the tree species. Today we're going to gi…Read More

  2. The Bald Cypress

    Call Trees Service Inc proudly serves the greater Richmond area providing tree services including tree trimming and pruning, tree removal, and stump removal & grinding. If you need a lot cleared, call us. If you need a tree topped, call us! We are always prompt and courteous. We are crazy about trees and crazy about Virginia, so you can guess how we feel about Virginia’s trees. Yes, we are c…Read More

  3. Don’t Believe These 5 Richmond Tree Care Myths

    As a homeowner, you likely treasure the trees on your property. Unfortunately, we find that a lot of homeowners in Richmond have little to no knowledge when it comes to properly caring for their trees. In fact, much of what you may have heard about tree care and tree pruning in Richmond may be incorrect and rooted in misconception and myth. Today we're going to talk about the top 5 myths we encoun…Read More