1. Spring Cleanup Chores

    Finally, it seemed like it would never arrive but, dare we say it? Spring has finally arrived. Well, looking at this week’s weather forecast, maybe Mother Nature has decided to skip Spring this year and jump right to summer. If only that would mean that we didn’t all have to do spring clean up chores in the yard! This year, it has meant more clean up than usual.  Extra snowfall followed by vi…Read More

  2. Spring Yard Work Tips

    Call Tree Services removes disease or weather damaged trees, prunes trees for the health of the tree and removes stumps. We know it’s been a heck of a winter and spring here in the Richmond area, and we’ve been kept clearing trees brought down by the extreme weather. When we have cleared the last downed tree, there will still be more to do! We know that trimming trees is a spring chore that ne…Read More

  3. Do You Have a Downed Tree?

    So the big storm has come and gone and left in its wake broken limbs and downed trees. This is when Call Tree Service Springs into action! Call us for tree removal and tree pruning services.   Broken Limbs If you have a tree that has lost an entire large limb and need the limb removed, call us. If a tree has had a limb either broken off only partially or completely but it’s caught in the li…Read More

  4. Tree Limbs Downed by Snow?

    It wasn’t too long ago that we were writing blogs about the unseasonably warm weather here in Richmond and now it’s Nor'easter time! We all know winter wouldn’t completely forget us, and indeed, here it is! Winter weather can wreak havoc on your trees, piling wet snow on limbs and pulling them down, sometimes bringing powerlines down with them. We’ve compiled a list of winter safety tips f…Read More

  5. Welcome to Call Tree Services!

    Welcome to the Call Tree Services Blog! Call Tree Services specializes in tree removal and stump grinding. We also trim and prune trees. We are based in Ashland and serve the wider Richmond area. If you have a tree that needs pruning, felling or removal, give us a call and see if we service your area. We will cover all manner of tree topics in their blog. We’ll discuss types of trees, tree disea…Read More

  6. The White Pine

    Call Trees Service Inc proudly serves the greater Richmond area providing tree services including tree trimming and pruning, tree removal, and stump removal and grinding. We are always prompt and courteous. If you haven’t guessed yet, let us tell you, we love trees. Today we are going to discuss the White Pine. This is a tree we see a bit of in our tree removal work. IT can reach up to eighty to…Read More