We’ve heard you loud and clear! Today’s post is about tree pruning. Usually, it’s best to figure out why you want to prune your tree. This is important because it determines when you’ll prune your tree. For those who are unaware, pruning is the process of removing parts of the tree, such as branches, to reduce liability to you in the event a branch hits someone and to keep the tree healthy. A healthy tree produces a higher quality of flowers, fruits, and general growth— giving you the perfect landscape you deserve. Since we are in the midst of summer, today we will focus on summer pruning.


After taking a look at your tree, you will want to identify which branches you don’t want or need and which branches need to slow development. Slowing development of branches helps keep your tree healthy because it reduces the food it needs to manufacture since there are less leaves. After identifying these branches, the type of pruning needed is important to stopping decay and reducing the chance of regrowth. Now, that we’ve identified the branches and types of cuts needed for each one, it’s time to get going!


This is where we come in. You know a little about the process and we trust you could get things done on your own, but it’s okay to have the pruning done by professionals. Call Tree Service Inc. serves the greater Richmond area and we’ll even come out for a free estimate. Contact us at 804.505.2562 and together we will realize your dream of a better landscape. Remember, tree pruners will always go out on a limb for you.