When you suspect that your tree is sick and needs to be removed, call your reliable Richmond tree service,  CallTree Services. If it is decided that it has to come down, we’ll get the job done, quickly and safely.

But how do you know when to call? How do you know when a tree is really so sick it has to come down? We tend to want to put off cutting down a tree as long as possible since trees add so much to our lives. Here are some things to think about when deciding to call us out to fell a dead or dying tree.

  • If the tree fell, would it fall on your property or neighboring property?
  • Would it fall on power lines?
  • Would it fall into the street or across sidewalks.
  • Is more than 50 percent of the tree dead?
  • Is more than 25 percent of of the circumference of the trunk damaged?  
  • Is more than a third of the trunk hollow?
  • Are more than 25 percent of the branches dead?
  • Are the dead branches concentrated on one side of the tree? This could make the tree heavy on one side and likely to fall over.
  • Is there a fungus growing on the tree?
  • Think about the roots of the tree, is it a tree known for shallow roots and likely to fall over? An example of this would be the ubiquitous Leyland cyprus.

If any of these questions start ringing bells when you examine your tree, call CallTree Services out for a free estimate. We can fell the tree and do all the stump grinding to make the area ready for the next chapter in your yard’s life.