There is very little surpasses the splendor of summertime in Virginia. The lush greenery and the heat and the humidity make our home as near a paradise as can be imagined. One only has to drive up west on 64 to the Shenandoah Park to be reminded of the natural glory that is Virginia. Trees bring that beauty into our city and Call Tree Service can help you keep  that beauty in your yard. 

Dead or In-the-way Trees

  • If you are dealing with a tree that didn’t come back after the winter, you should have it taken down before it falls in a storm.  
  • Or maybe you are planning a construction project on your land. Whether it is a single tree that needs to be removed or a whole lot cleared, we can do it!T
  • We are not going to leave you with stumps to deal with.
  • We do stump grinding too. We’ll completely clear the area and leave it flat and ready for you use.

For Living and Cherished Trees.

  • We also take care of trees that are living and that you want to stay living!
  • We offer tree removal, pruning, and trimming.
  • Proper and timely trimming can help a tree stay healthy and grow in the direction you want it.


  • Yes, we love the lush landscape, until it takes over!
  • That’s just what Virginia brush will do over in the summer if you don’t take charge of it.
  • If you don’t keep it back on a regular basis,  you’ll have poison ivy filled thick brush that is so thick no bush hog can get through it.

If you a have dead trees that need removing, living trees that need trimming or brush that needs taming, call Call Tree Services.