Finally, it seemed like it would never arrive but, dare we say it? Spring has finally arrived. Well, looking at this week’s weather forecast, maybe Mother Nature has decided to skip Spring this year and jump right to summer. If only that would mean that we didn’t all have to do spring clean up chores in the yard! This year, it has meant more clean up than usual.  Extra snowfall followed by violent spring storms have brought down many trees and have kept us busy! If you’ve had a tree downed or damaged, and need it trimmed or even removed, call us and we’ll get you on the schedule.

Here are some other chores to do before it gets too muggy work comfortably outdoors.

Fallen Branches

  • Walking around gathering fallen twigs and smaller branches is truly one of the signs of the season.
  • If you’ve got a fireplace or a burn pile, these will make good kindling to get the fire going.
  • If you’ve got a large lot and there is room for a stick pile, put them in a corner and let it be a spot for wildlife to take shelter.

Prune Shrubs, Bushes, and Trees

  • Call CallTree Services and we’ll inspect all your trees, and bushes and trim back and weather damaged branches.
  • If left alone, weather damage can allow diseases to be introduced to a plant, and this can cause serious problems or death to the plant.

We’ll continue this list in our next blog, in the meantime be sure to call to get any large branches trimmed or damaged trees removed.