1. Why Should I Prune My Tree?

    We’ve heard you loud and clear! Today’s post is about tree pruning. Usually, it’s best to figure out why you want to prune your tree. This is important because it determines when you’ll prune your tree. For those who are unaware, pruning is the process of removing parts of the tree, such as branches, to reduce liability to you in the event a branch hits someone and to keep the tree healthy…Read More

  2. The White Pine

    Call Trees Service Inc proudly serves the greater Richmond area providing tree services including tree trimming and pruning, tree removal, and stump removal and grinding. We are always prompt and courteous. If you haven’t guessed yet, let us tell you, we love trees. Today we are going to discuss the White Pine. This is a tree we see a bit of in our tree removal work. IT can reach up to eighty to…Read More